Backline Code of Conduct

All members of The Backline are expected to respect the rights of their fellow fans and supporters by avoiding all forms of intimidation, sexual/physical/verbal harassment, racism or anything intended to cause a nuisance to others. Violence of any kind is not tolerated under any circumstances during home or away matches. Members vow to one another not to target any people (supporters or players) based on any individual characteristics such as, but not limited to, race, gender, religion, political affiliation, or sexual orientation. We will not tolerate anyone using such characteristics as a basis for attempted humor, aggression, or hate at any gathering of The Backline or on social media. We also will not tolerate any unwanted or inappropriate behavior towards others, excessive profanity, obscene gestures, illegal activities, fighting, or threatening remarks.

In an effort to increase visibility and support, Away Jerseys and opposing team colors, whether worn or carried, are not allowed in The Backline section.

In addition to these guidelines, we adhere to all stadium policies*.


*pending release and approval.